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Download Rufus to Create bootable USB drives - Free Download

Penulis : Pada Hari : Minggu, 30 November 2014 | Jam : 06.10
Rufus Create Bootable USB
Rufus is a utility that helps to create bootable USB flash drives, It handles everything from formatting a USB key to transferring files for a bootable USB drive.
format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives,Flash Memory card,etc.
You can easily create bootable USB sticks for any Windows (or Linux, UEFI, etc.) 

Supported Languages:
Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Български, Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, English , Ελληνικά, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Latviešu, Lietuvių, Magyar, Nederlands, Polski , Português, Português do Brasil, Русский, Română, Slovensky, Slovenščina, Suomi, Svenska, Türkçe, Українська, العربية, 简体中文, 正體中文, 日本語, 한국어 .

Rufus Download

Download Rufus to Create bootable USB drives
Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP , Windows Vista  (32bits & 64bits)
File Size: 625 KB
Version: 1.4.12
License: Free
Developer: Pete Batard

Download refus for Windows : DOWNLOAD

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Kerish Doctor 2014 - a comprehensive solution for the care of the computer that contains the most promising developments in this area. Due to its unique Kerish Doctor 2014 prevents Windows crashes in real time, as well as reliably corrects errors in the registry. Appendix regularly produces the most advanced and safe cleaning system from accumulating digital "garbage", and optimally increases productivity of its work. Kerish Doctor 2014 protects your computer from malware, 
This the most popular software download site. Everyone can download every types of such as dictionary download, translator, Converter Software, Pdf converter, video player, free game download, Internet download manager (idm), winrar download, zip, pdf creator, download idm full crack, utorrent download, hdd regenerator, data recovery software, free antivirus, cd burner, Media Player and so more.
potential vulnerabilities and controls are important from the point of view of security settings of your computer. System Smart Update promptly update the application database, which is regularly updated by our specialists. With this system, the effectiveness of the established complex increases day by day, and making it the most promising in its class.

Key features:

Malware Protection
Eliminating potential vulnerabilities
Control Windows Startup
Health Care PC
Cleaning the digital "trash"
Improve performance
Protection against threats and vulnerabilities
Overall control
Work in real-time without user
Impeccable reliability and safety in the work
The unique technology of detecting errors and cleaning
Regular updating the kernel and algorithms
Our experts regularly improve the efficiency of the program.
Full set of tools for working with Windows OS
Modern intuitive interface
Kerish Doctor 2014 has a user-friendly and beautiful interface.

Changes in version 4.60:

Added "Restore."
Supports any drives and media with the file system NTFS.
Added utility "locked files".
Also Kerish Doctor 2014 adds the corresponding item in the context menu of files Explorer Windows.
Added utility "System Information".
The resulting report can be saved as a web page or text file.
Added utility "Context Menu".
Added utility "Running Processes".
Added utility "Network Activity".
Improved error correction.
Advanced components to protect your computer.
Improved analyzer VBS / BAT / CMD scripts - its efficiency is significantly increased.
Changed animation program icon in the notification area on a more conspicuous.
Fixed a bug related to the lack of text display on the list for some versions of Windows XP.
Fixed error statistics when the schedule is zeroed information about digitally cleaned "junk".
Fixed bug with incorrect display of the names of various extensions of Internet browsers.
Fixed many errors in a non-standard user interacts with the interface.

Installation Instruction

1. Unpack the file with password
2. Install the "Kerish.Doctor.2014.v4.60.exe"
3. After Install run the "(ENG).cmd" or read the "Intallation.txt"
4. Done!!!
Kerish Doctor 2014 Latest Version 4.60 Malware Protection Software Free Download With Crack And Serial Key , how to protect my pc from malware, anti-malware software free download with crack, Doctor 2014 protects free download with crack, pc speed up, how to improve pc performance, ccleaner gratis,
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Download Libon Apps For Android | Iphone | Ipad

Penulis : Pada Hari : Jumat, 21 November 2014 | Jam : 11.05
Are you finding One free international Calls App for your SmartPhone?
Download Libon Apps For Android | Iphone | Ipad

Libon is free voip apps for Android and IOS devices - they provide free international call up to 60mins.
with Libon you can experience and save money for local phone calls and international phone calls
Read more »
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Download Norton Security 2015 Final - Free Download; Surf the web safely with Norton Security. It guards your PC, network, online activities and your identity with innovative detection technologies optimised. helping prevent threats from sneaking in through vulnerabilities in your operating system, applications and browsers. It analyses downloads before you install and run them.

An Intuitive user interface allows for easy execution of all above tasks. Hard-disks, memory cards, USB drives and other media can be easily scanned for viruses.

There’s everything you’d expect in Norton Internet Security 2015 : antivirus protection that monitors files and programs not just for known threats but for suspicious behaviour too, helping block malware Before it you can enter on your system.

Powerful Norton 2015 protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets
Provides protection against viruses, malware, hacker exploits, spam, rootkits, spyware, phishing
updates automatically to ensure protection against latest malware and viruses.
messages and other online attacks.
Maintains your privacy
Avoids unsafe websites and suspicious downloads

the software utility is designed to prevent, identify and remove files infected with viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and other kinds of malicious traces.
Norton Security

Norton Security 2015 Download

Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP , Windows Vista  (32bits & 64bits)
File Size: 110 MB 
Version: 2015
License: Trial Software
Developer: symantec

Download Norton Security 2015 for Windows : DOWNLOAD

norton security 2015 beta, norton security 2015 latest version, norton security 2015 review
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Download Avast Internet Security 2015; Avast Internet Security is the most complete Antivirus Software, provides you with continuous protection from its layers of antivirus. And Provides Maximum safety for your working environment is achieved via the virtualization feature. by ‘Sandbox’ and it’s a place that you can use to open applications or webpages that you don’t trust.

The program interface is clean and very easy to use. Just click "Smart Scan" and the suite immediately runs a quick check for malware. And also scans for missing software updates.

Avast! Internet Security 2015 provides complete protection, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit protection, firewall and anti spam and Trojan, malware, that could harm your computer

Avast! Internet Security uses antivirus engine. It provides real-time protection and various scan modes for both your computer and for removable devices .

Avast! Internet Security Logo

Avast! Internet Security 2015

Avast! Internet Security
Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP , Windows Vista  (32bits & 64bits)
 File Size: 174 MB 
Version: v10.0.2206
License: Trial Software
Developer: avast!

Download avast! Internet Security 2015 for Windows : DOWNLOAD

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Download DingAling For Android APk file

Penulis : Pada Hari : Sabtu, 15 November 2014 | Jam : 21.37
DingAling A Voip Service Provide Free Calls,Free text On Android plasform and More
Sometimes You Can not Connect GooglePlay Or you can not use Wifi - Or You Want to Save 3G cost,You can Download Dingaling For Android Directly from our website To Your Computer and copy Through USB Cable To Your Android and then install on your smartphone
Download DingAling For Android

+ Voip Software Name : Dingaling
+ Voip Type : Voip App For Android
+ Homepage : Dingaling.Com
+ Provider Services: Free international calls,cheap international calls,free texting,and cheap SMS texting 
+ Call Android app to Android app -> Free
+ Call from PC Webcall to phone number ->Free Calls To 25 Countries
+ Call Android app to phone number ->Free Calls To 25 Countries
+ Send Text Android app to Android app -> Free
+ Send Text Android app to phone number -> Cheap rate
+ Video Calls: -> Yes
+ File size : 21Mb
+ ScreenShot :
Download DingAling For Android

Download DingAling For Android

Download DingAling For Android

Dowload and Install Dingaling For Android From Google Play
Dowload Dingaling (APK File) To PC with Mediafire mirror
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Download Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Final - Free Download

Penulis : Pada Hari : Jumat, 14 November 2014 | Jam : 11.38
Download Bitdefender Total Security 2015; Bitdefender Total Security is antivirus and Internet security package that is equipped with powerful tools to keep your system safe to ensure round-the-clock PC security against threats, whether they originate from the Internet, local network or external devices.

Bitdefender’s internet security suite, Bitdefender Internet Security 2015, adds three features to its Antivirus product: a two-way firewall, parental controls and cloud antispam. It provides protection against malware (malware, hacker exploits, spam, rootkits, spyware, phishing messages, persistent popup ads etc.), has a built-in firewall, helps guard online transactions, and more.

Unparalleled Security:

Security Report 
Displays your overall security status for the past week.

Active Virus Control
Active Virus Control is a proactive, It monitors processes’ behavior in real time.

Cloud Antispam
Stops unwanted e-mail from reaching your Inbox.

Two-way Firewall
The two-way firewall continuously monitors your Internet connections and prevents unauthorized access.

Remote Management
Remotely scan and fix security issues on all of your Bitdefender-protected devices from anywhere, using MyBitdefender.

Total Privacy:

Pay Online
Bitdefender Wallet is a secure tool that speeds up online shopping by autocompleting credit card details within payment fields. 

Parental Control
Blocks inappropriate content, and helps you remotely monitor your children's online activity

A powerful mix of antivirus, firewall, browsing protection, parental controls, anti-theft system,
Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in real-time 
Blocks spyware programs that track your online activities
Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, Web, messaging
Free technical support for the entire duration of the product license

better reports, enhanced parental controls, and a more capable desktop widget, while the spam filter is now entirely cloud-based.
Bitdefender Total Security
Download Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Final

Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP , Windows Vista  (32bits & 64bits)
File Size: 6 MB 
Version: 2015 build 18.17
License: Trial Software
Developer: Bitdefender

Download Bitdefender Total Security 2015 for Windows : DOWNLOAD

---More antivirus Software (Internet Security) ---
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happy new year 2015 image & wallpaper HD

Penulis : Pada Hari : Senin, 10 November 2014 | Jam : 04.44
download happy New Year Images, New year images free, happy New Year HD Images, HD Images on Happy New Year,Happy New Year 2015 HD wallpaper for Facebook, Happy New Year wallpaper 2015 for facebook, Happy New Year Wallpaper 2015 for whatsapp
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Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Final - Free Download

Penulis : Pada Hari : Minggu, 09 November 2014 | Jam : 02.52
Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2015; Kaspersky Internet Security is security software for Internet security that provides you Complete
protection with anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-hacker.

Kaspersky Internet Security protects you from:
malware, hacker exploits, spam, rootkits, spyware, phishing messages, persistent popup ads

In addition to the Anti-Viruses, the Software includes a new personal Firewall, a Proactive Defense component offering protection from unknown threats, a Privacy Control component providing protection from Internet fraud

Kaspersky Internet Security Logo

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 protects you from Phishing and Malware websites, that attempt to steal your data And provides you with secure, real-time protection from viruses and spyware.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Features:

Award-Winning Parental Controls monitor.
Scans files, email, and Internet traffic.
Protection from adware, viruses, rootkits, trojans, worms and spyware.
Automatic Database Updates.
Real-time e-mail, file and web scanning for safe surfing.
Blocks pop-ups & banners.
Fully integrated personal firewall.
Safe Wi-Fi and VPN Connections.
Disables links to  phishing sites / malware sites.
Parental Controls.
raft of improvements: faster startup time, smarter parental controls, reduced resources consumption, improved compatibility, and more.
Identifies suspicious and phishing websites.
Secures online banking and shopping with unique Safe Money technology.
PC Clean-Up Tools keep your system running smoothly & securely.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Final:

Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP , Windows Vista  (32bits & 64bits)
File Size: 193 MB
Version: v15.0.1.415
License: Trial Software
Developer: Kaspersky

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 for Windows : DOWNLOAD
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Download Free Urdu Phonetic Keyboard

Penulis : Pada Hari : Rabu, 05 November 2014 | Jam : 04.46

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard 

 Download Free 
Urdu phonetic keyboard:
Download The Urdu Keyboard Free Download
Urdu phonetic keyboard download for windows 7" Now You can install "Urdu phonetic keyboard" for typing "Urdu,  Phonetic keyboard" in your system it`s a good for Urdu typing but it`s not for unless you can write Urdu whatever you want it`s 100% working . "Urdu phonetic keyboard software free download" it`s not optimization for its performances. "Download Urdu phonetic keyboard
How to Download & Install Urdu phonetic key board"
Click on "Download Now" 5 seconds wait after that click on ( "skip add" then Click on (kiwi6) "Download file" with software size after Extract the downloaded file& double click the setup to install a keyboard layout.
"To add Keyboard Layouts for Windows XP sp2,3 & Windows 7/8/"
ü  Click on start
ü  Click on Control Panel
ü  Click on Date, Time, language  
ü  Regional and "Language" options, (icon)
ü  Press “Language” tab
ü  Press “Detail” button
ü  Press “Add” button
ü  Select “,”Input Language;;“"Urdu phonetic  Keyboard "Double click “Regional and Language options” icon
Press “Language” tab
Press “Detail” button
Press “Add” button
Select “Input Language: "“Urdu”, & Keyboard layout  Urdu Phonetic"

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Download Free Yahoo Massanger

Penulis : Pada Hari : Senin, 03 November 2014 | Jam : 23.18

Yahoo Massanger

Download Free
Yahoo Messenger:
it`s a popular instant messaging software for video calling by Yahoo & Chat to Facebooks friendx  that allows you to see when friends come online & to send them instant messages & online chat with friends. yahoo download 14 version It`s also can alert you to new emails in your Yahoo mailbox. Free international S.M.S The official at yahoo messenger download 2014 windows 7 100%  Free  Voice & Video calls Mail or Yahoo Personals accounts. yahoo messenger download 14 version Stay online on Android & PC at the same times receive messages only where you are active. download latest version yahoo messenger 14 windows 7 when you have upcoming event recorded in your Yahoo Calendar. Chat with Windows Live friends, download yahoo live messenger is provided free of charge and can be downloaded and used with a generic *Yahoo ID* You need to install the latest Yahoo Messenger Voice & Video Plug-in to enable the call features. Download yahoo download 14  services, such as Yahoo! Mail, where users can be automatically notified when they receive new email. Currently supported with the latest Yahoo! Messenger for PC.You can download Leteste Yahoo Messenger 2014. download yahoo live messenger 12 free offers firewall support`standby mode that minimizes the program until an Internet connection is made` the ability to save & print your messenger latest version 11 free download for windows xp



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